Single social distancing  

Hazeleyesdream85 34F  
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4/5/2020 11:19 pm
Single social distancing

For those of you that are single... Are you keeping to the social distancing, or are you still finding play times?
Social distancing... No play for me!
Social distancing... Except for a fwb!
Still playing regardless.

10148 posts
4/6/2020 12:33 am

wont play right now

hardguy0051 68M
157 posts
4/6/2020 6:48 am

It's not like the babes are beating down my door, begging for it.

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4/6/2020 8:04 am



Koklhr 68M
48 posts
4/6/2020 8:53 am

Although I'm horny as Hell I haven't invited anyone over. I'm mighty tempted to do so.

bigbooblover831 37M
14 posts
4/7/2020 11:47 am

voted as distance no play. though i wasnt doing much playing before social distancing 🤣🤣🤣 its getting worse i just want some tits and pussy!!

Yours_4A_knight 55M
1297 posts
4/7/2020 9:21 pm

I was not of interest before the quarantine so social distancing is kinda a moot point

Not the Whole Truth but the truth that I can see.

pleagain 54M
67 posts
4/10/2020 4:09 am

being single right now FUCKING SUCKS! was hard enough before but with this crap its like hell! iam going to jerk my cock off if this dont stop soon.

sxeangel2 37F
8 posts
4/10/2020 8:13 pm

No play here ATM. Waiting until this lets up.

knaveTe 67M
5 posts
4/11/2020 12:20 pm

work up those graphix and videos 4 upload. ur silent partner is in the game.

cargocargo1 49M  
11 posts
4/15/2020 7:42 am

I like having polls and things very interesting.

justifiedplus1 55M
15 posts
4/15/2020 8:06 pm

Can't save everyone, were all going to die sometime...I'm going out with a smile on my face!

DerrickJames1992 27M
38 posts
4/17/2020 11:35 am

Unfortunatrly no.. been tempted a few times though..

slydin 63M
39 posts
4/18/2020 10:36 am

Taking care of myself and staying busy findings and making more projects oh yeah a little porn doesn't hurt

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