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Feeling Cheap, Used, and Slutty
Posted:Jan 12, 2019 6:48 am
Last Updated:Jan 15, 2019 12:40 pm
I had a new experience last night. I was used and didn't resist. I was sound asleep and sometime early in the AM, my husband and his friend got into bed with me. My husband woke me when turning me to my back. He told me not to move, open my legs, and pressed against my head and sleeping mask. I felt hands on my legs opening them and and holding them open in the air. I cock penetrated me and I became fully aware of what was happening.

I let it happen. His friend penetrated me like a knife and fucked into me. He fucked forcefully and only long enough that I became completely lubricated and then he took his orgasm in me and got off. My senses were totally on his cock and I could feel every inch of it as he popped it out of me. They traded places on me while his milk ran down my ass. My husband fucked me and pumped his sperm in me only for his pleasure and release.

I rolled to my side as they left the room. I could have just returned to sleep but, I had to complete myself. I grabbed my vibrator and in the dark I moaned and screamed and bucked on the bed when I took my spasms. And I just covered myself and went to sleep.
Wednesday Morning Sex
Posted:Jan 9, 2019 5:05 am
Last Updated:Jan 9, 2019 9:54 am
My husband fucked into me and we got off together before work. It was a nice surprise. I guess that's why it's called hump day. He got up with a wicked hard cock this morning.
Lunch Quickie or Cum Quickie
Posted:Jan 5, 2019 3:01 pm
Last Updated:Jan 22, 2019 4:20 am
My gosh. I got all excited when one of our friends sent me a text and wanted to know if I wanted a lunch quickie. I raced to the house to meet him, pulled up my dress and he got in me and bloop bloop bloop he came! This is what you have to do when a lunch quickie turns into a cum quickie.

Suck it or Stick it
Posted:Jan 1, 2019 6:05 am
Last Updated:Jan 5, 2019 1:18 pm
My husband got turned on watching me get ready and when I came out of the bathroom he had his cock prepared for me.

What would you do? Suck it or stick it? I know it is possible to do both. But, I was selfish. I pulled up my dress and shoved it up in me! If you had a choice, which would you make?
I Am a Happy Girl
Posted:Dec 25, 2018 9:11 am
Last Updated:Jan 1, 2019 11:07 am
Have I been a good girl? I guess so! I was up at 4AM to dye my hair...a gift for my husband. And Santa was so good to me. Our special friends Evan and Mikey came over this morning and let's see..I got gift cards to Secrets in Lace, Victoria Secret, Saks Fifth, a spa day, tickets to the Biltmore, and a beautiful St. John outfit and cashmere coat. And I was treated to sex with 3 beautiful men. Evan is a chef and cooking a standing rib roast for all of us and our friends Linda, Jose, and Roxanne when the come over later. It's a wonderful day and I don't have to do anything but shop online and prepare myself for all the fun we're going to have.

Merry Merry Christmas

Pantyhose and Stockings are Disposable Items
Posted:Dec 13, 2018 6:50 am
Last Updated:Dec 31, 2018 5:44 am
When I take my sex with a lover, I normally dress up. While it doesn’t make a lot of difference to me, naked is fine, I do it from habit and from what I have learned, many men love it. More than I expected in this modern society. My habit of dressing feminine began as a girl and I was dressed by my parents. The concept of feminine, I am sure, some of you will disagree or troll. Even though I have watched the dress code of a professional office environment degrade from business dress to business casual to pink sweat pants and nose rings. I maintain the business dress formality. I carry my fashion sensibilities over to the bedroom.
After marrying my second husband, he told me about some advice that his grandfather had given him. He had lived to 96, had two wives…only because the first one passed away. The family wanted to know what his recipe was for a successful marriage. He said,” Never marry a woman that gets all dressed up and fancy to go to work or visit her friends and doesn’t for the bedroom.” He clearly had a twinkle in his eye. I fit into his advice.
What woman doesn’t enjoy attention from men. I didn’t think too much about it when I was younger, I was hot, and the guys were obvious about checking me out. And now, older, I still get a lot of flattering attention. I work in a large corporate environment with most employees being much younger than I. But the young men are always sniffing around. I have a glass walled office with a common area outside, and if I just sit in my chair, let my hem raise up, I can almost predict the time elapse before the train of men casually pass by to get a peek. There must be an underground message tree. They think they are being clever. I do enjoy it. Why not. I will give one bit of fashion advice. It’s perfectly okay to give a little view of the top of your stockings when sitting, but never while standing or walking. That’s a no no for a woman of any age.
I have been validated over and over in dating as a swinger. The men love stockings, heels, lingerie, smoky makeup, and creamy lips. Lately I have graduated to the full-fashioned underwear and clothing, even the younger men get turned on from it. I have even gone shopping with a couple to pick out outfits for her to wear. Apparently, it is a lost art. I am not that good looking as a mature woman, but I am sure the feminine clothing style and the way I wear it with confidence, makes a big difference to men.
Hey, the stuff might eventually come off in bed, but it turns the men on and sets an atmosphere that says I am available. Like the title reads, pantyhose and stockings are disposable items. If you chose this style, you must accept it. My pantyhose get holes cut out of the crotch and it’s easy to ruin stockings while having sex. And, some men just have to cum on nylon and heels. I get it. Sometimes just to try it, and sometimes a fetish. But, please, fuck me first and get me off before spraying your sperm on my stockings. Lol.

Anatomy and Physiology
Posted:Dec 11, 2018 8:33 pm
Last Updated:Dec 22, 2018 4:30 am

I have had an epiphany tonight. I am sitting in a hotel room and settled into the advice and magazine part of this website. What I have assumed is basic and experiential knowledge, doesn't exist. People have all sorts of advice as bloggers and social media whores. People do not know their own anatomy or their partners. When some try their best to explain, it becomes an exercise in anecdotes and maybe mostly men translating an event into something graphic.

The real epiphany is that as a sophisticated society, and I am talking about the United States of America, we know nothing about our bodies. In my husband's second career, first as a naval officer and nuclear engineer, he studied medicine. He often makes a joke, a sad joke, that before he studied human anatomy, he wasn't sure whether he had 2 livers or 2 kidneys, and had no clue what they did!

Instead of teaching our kids to recycle, and our kids to embrace diversity, blow hundreds of hours on taxes and education, billions of dollars on health care for the diabetic, the fat, the post sickness government programs, the cessation programs, why don't we teach them anatomy and physiology. Stuff it down their throats at an understandable pace from K-12. And all this other stuff goes away.

And a 40 or 50 or 60 year old man won't be asking how he can make a woman orgasm, or why his wife's pussy is dry, or why screwing someone in the ass is more dangerous than in a pussy even if you have a disease. For Christ's sake some of you women don't know your own vaginas! You don't know what causes the body to orgasm, you don't know what a clitoris is or where it goes, and you read Cosmopolitan thinking an orgasm comes from an article about your depth as a woman and the ability to judge a man? Please.

We need to make school for kids all about reading, writing, arithmetic, and human anatomy.
Aging and Youthful Actions
Posted:Dec 11, 2018 6:53 am
Last Updated:Jan 6, 2019 4:18 pm
I hurt myself to the point of, "I could have gone to an emergency room in an ambulance." I am fine 2 days later. Sensibility saved us a few thousand dollars and a $750 ride in a city ambulance, which we pay taxes for? Explain that please . No ER, no print out from some doctor that makes broad recommendations, no consultation fee from a specialist or the mysterious charges from some radiologist that looked at an Xray. And then the late bills from some lab that claims they need money for simple tests that a machine performs 1000 times a day. Please!

I am well schooled and even after my formal education I am totally aware of the psychology of human development. If you read the books and see the studies, we have a lot to reconcile as near-senior and beyond. No wonder the churches are full of old people that are new to religion!

Unfortunately in the attempt to enjoy youthful ideas and capture a moment, I got hurt...physically. I got bent all over in the back seat of our car. I wanted it and we were trading with a couple we love. I am not happy about it because I am there...the place where I have to pay for youthful actions. Not the kind of pay that comes from how we live our lives, but from physical limits.

A comedy of truth happened. I was in the back seat and my lover had me all crunched up and legs up. It felt great and we were trading off in the back seat with a couple. I got cramps and my neck hurt and I stopped it. It was a kill for the moment. He had already released his sex but my stopping everything was not so intimate.

I said I was hurt and everyone felt bad. When we got in the house, I held to the wall and could hardly stand. My husband was laughing, not so funny at the time, but he didn't know how bad I was hurt. I had him undress me completely and help me to the couch. I was a mess. If I moved the wrong way, I could lose my back and legs. I was leaking cum out of my vagina and the back of my dress was sticky from it and the last thing I wanted was some EMT to treat me with sperm everywhere. Mortification was the best medicine.

It all went away with some Ibuprofen and time of a couple days. But, I have this worry about aging and can I fuck like I want? I can't. I am not so young anymore. It is a depressing stage of life.
I Didn't Know How Lucky I Was
Posted:Dec 5, 2018 5:10 am
Last Updated:Dec 14, 2018 3:05 pm

I am writing this about my very good friend and posting it because she'll never see it. We are on business travel together and sharing a hotel room. I have known her for more than 20 years, I think. And I don't remember when she mentioned it, but a long time ago she said that she and her husband quit having sex. She said it like it was totally fine and no big deal.

When I was unpacking my bag there it was, my huge, plug it in the wall, vibrator. It's actually a massage wand...really. lol She was like,"What's that for?" OMG. To be completely honest, I wouldn't have brought it if I knew we were going to share a room. I told her the same thing and that when my husband and I are apart, we have phone sex and I use it to get off. I didn't tell her that sometimes I fuck strange men too. Not this trip. I just assumed that once she saw it, she knew what it was for...Nope.

And like a fool I got all technical about it and even mentioned I like the power of it and the variable speed! At the moment I didn't realize she didn't have any toys and that she has never had an orgasm...never! I have heard of women having problems with sexual dysfunction, but I have also heard of people getting bit by sharks. But really, how often do you know anyone that has? How naive I am. She was mortified by my being so as a matter of fact about the toy and getting off.

When we went to bed I still didn't know that she had never had an orgasm. It doesn't surprise now because it's not something we ever talked about. Never about sex and our husbands or been catty on a girls night out. And I would never tell her about swinging and me being a slut! She thinks I am the Iron Lady. With the lights out and in our separate beds. She started laughing and asked me if I wanted her to leave the room I could call my husband! I was like noooooo. And told her my husband won't be expecting it because he knows we have a room together. And I joked with her and told her she could borrow my toy if she wanted though...And that's when I found out she had never had an orgasm or used a toy. It was so sad. I mean, if you've never had one, how would you know? And of course you'd want more of them!

I didn't ask for permission or if she wanted to know anything about it. I got my vibrator, plugged it in and laid in the dark. It was completely quiet except for the vibrator running and eventually my heat, and moans, and my orgasm. I turned it off and plugged it in by her bed and told her to try it. She was soooo cute about it. I got back in bed and she was careful to leave the covers on and she put the machine down between her legs. I told her to pull down her panties...OMG. Lessons. The only other thing I said to her was how to raise the speed after she had turned it on.

Ooooof, it was amazing and funny. It wasn't that she couldn't have an orgasm, it was because she had never tried! And clearly, when her husband had fucked her, she wasn't cumming too. How does someone get to that point in their life? I don't understand. She laid there and I think it took maybe 60 seconds before she was adjusting her legs and stuff. Then came the little shreek when she turned it up to high...probably too high for a first timer, and then she started making noises like someone is trying not to sneeze. She went quiet, her head was turning left and right and bouncing off the pillow and then the gasp came out. I don't know if she was laughing or crying, but she jumped up from the bed, and ran to the bathroom. I caught a glimpse of her when she turned on the bathroom light. The poor thing had her hand between her legs, her panties around her knees, and she was peeing all over herself!

She came back out with a towel and I turned on the light to help her. I turned off the vibrator and we soaked up the mess as best we could. Now she was laughing. I asked her if she had an orgasm. She was like, "Oh yeah, I can hardly stand up from it and I'm still vibrating." And I gave her the last lesson...pee before you do it, or sit on the toilet and get off.

This morning she is looking at me a little different I think. But, everything is okay. I'm going to give her that vibrator. It really does look like a massage wand and she should be able to keep the secret from her husband.
What Some Men Get Off On
Posted:Dec 1, 2018 5:33 am
Last Updated:Dec 31, 2018 5:46 am
I understand the turn on...maybe. And just maybe it is because some men look at too much commercial porn and think it is some sort of proof of sex. But please, at least kiss me and stick your pretty cock in me before spraying it on me!

These photos are from a party and if my husband hadn't noticed, I would have walked around unaware. Someone released their sperm on my butt, and I don't even know who did it! It was a drive by cum on me. I am happy they were turned on and felt so good to have an orgasm, but like I say, give me some pleasure first please.

I changed my clothes to be more accessible. I think these people know me and I would have happily pulled down my leggings and accepted penetration.

Is My Forums Page Broken?
Posted:Nov 30, 2018 12:53 pm
Last Updated:Dec 1, 2018 5:14 am

When I try to go to forums there is nothing there. It seems to just defer to blogs. I was looking for a better place to discuss sexual issues and the swinging lifestyle. The blogs seem to be very popular for spamming downloaded photos of porn models and have very little to do with adult and lifestyle experiences.
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Holiday Party Advice
Posted:Nov 29, 2018 6:55 am
Last Updated:Nov 30, 2018 12:41 pm

We have had many parties and I can tell you how hard it is to make a good swingers party with the right couples. We are considering having a Christmas sex party again this year and in mentally going through some of the things I need to do, things to buy, and making the house inviting and accessible, I wanted to give a piece of advice for those that have parties... Have overnight guests!

Among all the errors and experimentation to have a good party, we know how to do it. And as I reflect, the most exceptional parties we have had, we had overnight guests. I think part of it is that we invite the best suited and full swap couples, but after an evening of playing and with everyone happy, the morning after is intense in a different way.

Couples leave happy and also with the late night drive and maybe a baby sitter waiting. I expect that the need to get home at a certain time and safely is on their mind the whole evening. And those that stay are without that stress. And at the expense of being a crudely honest, those that spend the night are probably more emotionally and sexually available.

And the morning sex after a night of partying, is incredible. I like it because everyone is already familiar and there is some trust and comfort level added by sharing a bed, food, a shower, a closet...you get it. And the morning sex is very raw. After an evening of sharing I wake up with sexual desire and love for sharing and my husband awakes with a twinkle in his eye and a beautiful erection. All the men have them in the morning.

So, have guests. In the morning the sex is without the dance of seduction and testing boundaries the night before. It happens spontaneous, nasty, and messy. It is from trust and familiarity and the welcome of an inviting host and hostess. The men need relief of their morning desires and I give it to them. When we are all done doing what we needed and wanted, I make breakfast, guests shower and pack, and before they leave, they say it is the best party they have been to, and some tell us that we are why they wanted to swing.

Have a party but, make it for those that have something they want to share.

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Those Personal Christmas Gift Coupons
Posted:Nov 28, 2018 1:37 pm
Last Updated:Dec 22, 2018 4:31 am
I am making some gift coupons for my husband and special friends. I have done this before, but not for several years. You know the type that I mean..."I owe you this or that" type of coupon for stocking stuffers. Super be careful if you do this. I was just laughing at myself from the last time I did it.

I gave my husband a Free Hand Job Coupon. And I was not so clever when I added in fine print that it was redeemable anytime-anywhere. Well on Christmas Day we had family over for dinner. I mean family...kids, in-in laws, the whole bunch of them. And my sick husband presented me the coupon and told me to meet him in the office. OMG.

I sneaked away when I could, popped my tits out of my dress and jerked him off. And after I was all paranoid and wicked horny. My nipples were erect and showing through my dress and I was sure that I hadn't cleaned up all the sperm. I had to wait until later to get laid.

Soooo, this year I am going to do it and the terms are going to read a little more like a legal document! Lol


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