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Something I would love to experience
Posted:Oct 23, 2019 12:20 pm
Last Updated:Feb 18, 2020 3:48 pm

I'd answered one of those ads in a porn magazine. I'd always wanted to see if they were legit, or just a come-on. And I'd always wanted to try domination. When I phoned, a pleasant enough voice gave me the address and told me to come on over. So I came.

It turned out to be a private house, nothing to set it aside from the others in the street. I began to wonder if it was a hoax. When I rang, the door was answered by a woman who looked nothing like the picture in the ad. She was older, at least thirty, but attractive enough if you like tall women, with full hips and a narrow waist and a prow like a sailing ship.

"Jason?" she said.

I nodded. "Come on in." She closed the door. "You said you wanted an experience that was different. Right?"

"Er, sure," I said.

"Are you prepared to obey me, do absolutely everything I say?"

"Er, sure," I said.

"My name's Irma, but you call me Mistress. Understand?"

"Sure," I said.

"Yes, Mistress." Her voice was like a whiplash.

"Sorry. Yes, Mistress."

"That's better. Follow me."

She led the way down some stairs, into a basement room that was exactly what she'd advertised. Whether a dungeon had ever looked like that in medieval times, I had no way of knowing, but it sure had all the trimmings I'd ever imagined. There were whips on racks, coils of rope, shackles attached to the wall in various places, even ropes hanging from the ceiling. And a huge couch in the center of the room.

"You're not into pain, you said?"

"That's right---er, Mistress."

"You're sure you want to be dominated?"

"Oh yes, Mistress."

"Right. Strip!"

This was a bit sudden. I'd never peeled in front of a dame before. I'd been peeled by a few, but this was like an army physical. I began to unlace my shoes.

"I said strip," Mistress Irma said. "Kick those things off. Get everything off, double quick! Let's see what you've got."

She folded her arms and stared at me, and I peeled off while she looked critically at everything as it came into view. I'd expected this to be an exciting experience, but so far my prick wasn't showing any sign of life. I stood before her self-consciously, wishing I hadn't come.

"Not much to boast about there," she sneered. "You've got a nicely developed body, but I've seen better peckers than that on a poodle. Seems I'll have to wake you up."

She clapped her hands, and through a door at the back of the room came a figure with long, untidy hair dressed in a sort of grey smock that covered her from shoulders to feet. Round her neck was a metal collar, and from the collar trailed a long rope. Mistress Irma took the end of the rope and clipped it to a staple on one wall.

"Shackle him!" she commanded.

The grey figure pushed me back against the wall, and I found my arms stretched out to either side and fastened to rings on the wall. "Open your legs," the figure said quietly. "Further." And my outspread feet were similarly pinioned. It might seem like a sexy situation, but so far all I was feeling was fear, and the procedure had done nothing to develop an erection, which was evidently what was required.

"Harness him!" Mistress Irma commanded.

The grey figure went to a table and picked up two items I had not noticed before. One was a ring, which she slipped on my limp cock and pushed on as far as it would go. The other was some sort of strap which she fastened tightly under my scrotum and over my cock.

"Undress me!" Mistress Irma commanded.

So far I'd been able to take in a pretty statuesque figure, but I hadn't paid much attention to the clothes she was wearing. As she stood in front of me I saw she was wearing a full length suede skirt that came down over the tops of some sort of high boots. The boots had been in the advertisement, anyway. A close fitting jacket was bulging incredibly over a bust that promised to be spectacular, to judge by the expanse of cleavage showing.

The grey figure, evidently some sort of phony slave character, I thought---I was beginning to regain some confidence after the initial impact---moved to Mistress Irma and removed her jacket. I had been prepared for something different, but not this. Mistress Irma's whole torso was encased in a web of leather straps, criss-crossing from her shoulders above and below her breasts, forcing her breasts up and out and moulding them into spectacular round pyramids. Fine straps surrounded her aureoles, squeezing them till they thrust through the web, the nipples evidently painted and projecting red and raw.

I could feel my prick beginning to stir, but I couldn't look down at it without taking my eyes off those wonderful tits.

The grey figure was unfastening Mistress Irma's skirt at the waist. Almost immediately it cascaded to the floor in a pool at her feet. I don't know what I had been expecting, but not this. The high boots were higher than I had thought. They encased her legs all the way up to a few inches below her crotch. And the leather web continued to enmesh her naked body from her great breasts, tightly cinching her waist, crossing at the golden ornament in her navel, enclosing her broad hips, and down to the tops of her muscular thighs, Her whole crotch had been shaved absolutely naked and oiled or creamed till it shone, and the straps that sloped from her hips below a slightly protruding belly disappeared between her thighs where they joined at her crotch so that no part of the interesting area between her thighs was concealed.

Mistress Irma stepped out of the skirt at her feet, and posed in front of me, legs apart to show the naked lips pouting from her open vulva, and breasts thrust forward to accentuate the jutting nipples. Then she slowly turned, so that I could see how the straps of the web pulled apart her two great rounded buttocks and disappeared down the crack between. If she had been stark naked this voluptuous body could not have been as sexually arousing as it was, encased in a harness which could have no other purpose than to inflame me.

It certainly did inflame me! No wonder she had shackled me. I wanted to fling myself on that body and press my mouth to every part of it.

"So! You have something to show after all! Show me how hard it is."

The slave took my balls in hand and lifted them, then enclosed my prick and tried to bend it down. "Like iron, Mistress."

Mistress Irma smiled. "You find my body exciting?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"You'd like to have it for yourself?'

"Yes please, Mistress."

"Mistress Irma's body is not for the likes of you. You are here to learn what it's like to be dominated, not to dominate. Sophia, take off your robe."

The slave Sophia undid a string at her throat, and the grey robe fell to her feet. Apart from the metal collar round her throat she was stark naked, a beautiful, slim, small breasted, dainty creature that at any other time I would have lusted for. But it was Mistress Irma's body that I lusted for now, a mature, well rounded, infinitely sexy body, a body I was not apparently to be allowed to possess.

"You like Sophia's body, Jason," Mistress Irma asked mockingly.

"Yes, Mistress," I replied, sincerely.

"Whose body excites you more?"

"Yours, Mistress," I replied. And I meant it.

She laughed. "You should be so lucky, Jason! Sophia, put the collar on him and unshackle him."

The slave girl fastened round my neck a collar like her own, and released me from my wall fastenings. She gave the rope attached to my collar to her mistress. Mistress Irma went to a strange looking seat by the wall. It had a back, and the padded seat was high, but cut away in a semicircle at the front. She sat on the seat, her legs spread wide apart and her feet resting in stirrups that raised them a foot or more from the floor. She pulled on the rope attached to my collar.

"Come here. Are you thirsty? You shall drink the sweetest nectar you have ever tasted. Kneel before me, slave. Between my legs. Closer."

She put two hands behind my head and drew it toward her, between her thighs, close in front of her smooth, glistening pubic mound, and I realized why the seat was cut away in front. "Drink!" she commanded, and pulled my head into the cutaway area of the seat, pressing my face into her harnessed crotch. "Drink!" she said again, and forced my mouth to the open mouth of her vulva, a mouth that was hot and soft and already salivating copiously.

Her whole genital area had been heavily perfumed, to combine with the exciting smell of her cunt juice. Her thighs were warm and smooth, enclosing me. And as my mouth began to probe inside her willing cunt I felt my prick taken by a cool hand and gently explored. I had never indulged in cunnilingus before. I was not even sure which parts of a woman's cunt were most sensitive. However, my mistress instructed me, both with the pressure forcing my mouth against her cunt and with her vocal commands.

As I took her fleshy lips into my mouth she opened her legs wider and commanded, "Suck them! Suck them hard!" When my mouth probed between her lips and opened the entrance to her vagina, she pressed my face harder into her crotch and gasped, "Right inside. Open me right up and drink my cunt dry."

When my tongue found its way between her inner lips, and the nectar was flowing copiously, she flung her thighs even wider apart and ground my face into her twat as if she would force it inside. "Fuck me with your tongue," she yelled. "Stick it right up inside me. Don't dare stop. Keep fucking me until I cum."

And then she was cumming, flailing her legs and writhing her ample pelvis and screaming. And as suddenly she stopped. "Sophia, you didnt let him cum?" Her voice was filled with menace. "No, Mistress, I wasn't masturbating him. He's still hard."

I had been so concerned with enjoyment of a new sensation, and latterly with trying to breathe, that I had hardly been aware of the attentions to my prick. Gentle, exploring attentions. Evidently I was having to service my mistress without getting any relief myself.

"Take him to the couch!" my mistress commanded. Sophia pulled on my leash and led me to the great couch. "Lie down, please," she said, and once I was horizontal she took my vertical pecker in her hand and ran her finger nails gently up and down the underside of the shaft. My mistress approached and leaned over me, her great scarlet tipped breasts thrusting down toward my face. "How much would you like to suck on these nipples?" she demanded.

"Desperately," I said.

"Well you shall see how swollen they get when they're sucked. Sophia!"

She turned toward the slave, and Sophia stooped to take one of those fantastic nipples in her mouth. "Harder! Let me feel your tongue!" I could see Sophia's mouth working on the nipple, the aureole sucked inside her mouth. Then my mistress grabbed her slave's head and crushed it to her great tit, and with her other hand grabbed her other breast and mashed it savagely.

She was writhing and moaning when at last she thrust the girl away from her. "That's what tit sucking is all about," she gasped. "Think you could do as well?"

"Yes please, Mistress," I said eagerly, and began to sit up. But it was not the magnificent tit of my mistress that my mouth encountered. It was a small, delicate breast, as the slave Sophia leaned over me to take my head gently in her hands and guide my mouth to her own tiny nipple. It was a shock, a disappointment, and yet the tiny nut was firm and instantly responsive, unlike the soft fruit of a more mature breast. As I sucked , one gentle hand caressed my face while the other pressed my mouth to her, and the little nut swelled and hardened and Sophia began to gasp.

"Lie down!" my mistress snarled. "You are here to service me, not my slave. Sophia, see if he's ready for me.

The girl released her nipple from my mouth, and took my cock in her hands. "Yes, mistress. A beautiful rod."

"You're beginning to learn about domination," my mistress said. "You may think it's a man's place to dominate a woman in sex, but you've got to learn that it's a woman's satisfaction that's most important. Your duty is to give the woman whatever satisfaction she craves, in any way she craves it. You may get your orgasm, but that's only one part of her satisfaction. My satisfaction now is in dominating you, in seeing you in my power, in making you do to me whatever I want, not whatever you want. I wanted masturbation, and I made you masturbate me with your mouth. Now my cunt wants to be filled with hot throbbing cock, and it's your cock that's going to fill me, but don't think for a moment that you're going to have the satisfaction of fucking your mistress. Your mistress is going to fuck you, the way she wants it, for her own satisfaction, not yours."

She stepped up onto the couch and knelt astride my body. As she lowered her great pelvis onto me, I felt the slave girl's gentle hands take my cock and hold it high, and the hot mouth of a hungry cunt enveloped the head of my prick and imprisoned it. It was then I learned something of the sensations a woman craved. The beautiful enmeshed naked body above me leaned forward, the great thrusting tits with their raw swollen nipples close above my face but so completely out of reach. I realized she needed to display her body, not for my excitement but for her own. And as my prick responded to the intense stimulation of her nakedness, I felt the muscles of her cunt clench on my knob . Then as she sat up again, her pelvis lowered and the tunnel of her vagina took my prick slowly but surely into its depths. It was as if a hot mouth was enclosing my prick, not squeezing it or gripping it as other cunts did. I had never been in a cunt so large, so wide. But it was disappointing, there was almost no sensation from the cunt I had so desperately wanted to fuck.

And then the sensations began. There was no visible motion from my mistress, but my cock was suddenly clenched. And then as I watched my mistress's belly swelling and contracting my cock was being masturbated, the shaft squeezed where it entered that magic cunt and slowly massaged along its whole length and back down again. Masturbation was nothing new, either by my own hands or by someone else's, but being masturbated so methodically by the muscles of a cunt under perfect control was something I had never experienced. And in front of me were two tits rising and falling so close to my face that I had to struggle to raise my head to get close to them.

But as I lifted my head and a swollen, turgid nipple was almost in my mouth, it moved away from me and the whole magnificent nakedness in front of me rose and the muscles at the mouth of that enveloping cunt squeezed their way up toward my knob till I was afraid the excruciating masturbation was to finish. I should have realized that the spasming fuck hole that was enveloping me was just that, a fuck hole. And my mistress was pleasuring herself and not about to leave her vagina hole empty now that she had it filled with a length of hot meat. What had she said? "My cunt wants to be filled with hot throbbing cock."

She cupped those wonderful tits, one in each hand, and leaned toward me, fingering nipples that seemed as if they must burst at any moment. Was she tormenting me, or trying to make my prick swell even more, or simply enjoying displaying them to me? And then she lowered her massive buttocks till they sat on my thighs, and that fuck hole once more swallowed me, clenching the whole length of my prick.

And then it began, the most incredible display of muscular control. The cunt enclosing me rose and fell, the cunt muscles squeezing and gripping and clenching and masturbating me till I was crying out with the exquisite pain of it. The deep eye of my mistress's navel opened and closed as her belly swelled and contracted and gyrated in time to her gasps. And then she began to shout. "You are my sex slave, my fucking pole, just a thing to be dominated and fill my cunt whenever I wish."

And then I was cumming, the most immense cumming, and I lost all interest in the body above me, whether it was cumming with me or not.

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