wtf is up with AFF ?  

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4/9/2019 10:37 am
wtf is up with AFF ?

Is it , or is this place really a joke ? not working right, ever...I speak to friends on the phone. "were you online last night ?" no..."weird, the showed you online". Or speaking with someone who's online, but it doesn't show ? What's with the spam bots. New ones everyday looking "to meet you for fun times" and an e- or phone number....

Sure, I've met real people here and had real fun. It's absolutely available and out there. Of-course, you to sift through the "couple" profiles are now single guys..."she's not into it right now". "she's taking a break", "we broke ". Hey genius, why not make your profile a legit representation of the actual situation your in ? If we speak online or exchange E-mails, and you change your mind, why not simply write back and say so ? What's with people who simply stop answering ? Seriously ? Would you walk away from in the middle of a conversation ? I don't get ....

a paid member, so it's more frustrating than a free member not getting what he paid about making videos available on an I pad ? Maybe you fix the mobile platform ? Sort out the issues with your chat...there are free sites on have better chat than this place..

Why do people find it necessary to be in or have their webcam open all fucking day ? This site is bad enough without you slowing it down with a video of your office chair, or your fucking cat.

What's with the assholes running commercial porn on their "live feed". Sure, I report them. Nothing happens, but I repeatedly report these types of people...seriously Citymixx, get your shit together. Wanna hire me ? I'll report and suspend these assholes in a heartbeat.

If it's possible to put "extend my membership" anywhere else on the site, sure they will find it...seems every single thing I try to click to do something, I could easily, by-accident, extend my membership here....doubt will happen on purpose, 's for sure....

Your a guy, your profile says "straight" but you message me "nice cock" and wanna meet ? Be true to yourself buddy....seriously....

Did you know you can block someone, or they can block you, and neither of you know it..? 's right. Blocks don't show, so if you are writing to people who don't answer, they might have blocked you, but you will never know it. Sure, I asked Citymixx if they could (or would) tell if someone blocked me. Nope.

Is functionality and quality asking so much ? The parent company of Citymixx owns tons of websites for adult social interaction...they seriously must be making hand over fist. Why not put a little back into the sites ?

I wrong ?!?!?!?

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