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nicole and jim part one
Posted:Oct 22, 2019 8:15 am
Last Updated:May 31, 2020 12:1 am

Nicole knocks on the door anticipating what lies behind as the note he left her was vague in description except what she should wear..... So there she is trench coat, skirt, button up white shirt, high heels, and black thigh high pantyhose with matching lace panties. She had never been propositioned like this before. The anticipation is filling her thoughts of all the things that might happen next. He opens the door, she is greeted by the man she knows only as Jim, who is dressed in a jet black suit jacket and trousers and a medium blue dress shirt. He invites her in and helps her remove the trench coat . He invites her to sit at the table where he has already set out a bottle of wine and 2 glasses.

They sit and enjoy a glass of wine and some small talk. Jim seems calm and confident, casually talking about the weather as his eyes share time between her eyes and her hourglass figure. Nicole’s naturally perky breast are filling out her shirt quite nicely. Her nipples are starting to be hard enough she is curious if they are appearing through her shirt. The conversation keeps flowing along with the wine. They finally finish off the bottle that was sitting there. She realized at this point she had no idea what plans he had in mind. He reaches out his hand beckoning her to put hers in it to assist her to stand up. Once standing he pulls aside his chair and puts his hand on the small of her back, guiding her to be facing the table where he was sitting. He stands behind and places his hands on her hips and slowly starts exploring her. He begins by exploring the contours of her stomach, then slowly move up under her breasts. He begins slowly massaging her breasts, seemingly on purpose he avoids directly touching her nipples. Instead he runs his fingers all around the areolas and cups her breasts gently. He then guides his back down to her hips. He then takes his hands and runs them down in between her thighs. At this point she can feel his hard cock pressing against her through his pants.
He removes his tie and uses it to tie her hands behind her back. At this point he gently pushes her shoulders forward, guiding her to bend over at the table. He lifts up her skirt, kneels down behind and starts gently running his hands her legs starting at her ankles. He is being very diligent in making sure he doesnt touch her now throbbing pussy. After a few minutes of teasing her with his hands, he begins delicately kissing her inner right thigh. While kissing her thighs he gently grabs her ass, spreading her cheeks ever so slightly. She can feel herself dripping into her own panties. He gently kisses the crotch of her panties. At this point Jim lowers her panties to her knees. He spreads her beautiful cheeks apart exposing him. He then takes his gently licks her clit slowly. Making knees quiver as the anticipation is kicking into high gear. He continues grabbing end of his tie while she moans. The more she moans the harder she pulls her into his face. She finally cums for the first time tonight and she knows it will not be the last. He then stands up behind her and drops his pants. He uses the head of his cock to slowly circle her sweet lips, again teasing through anticipation. After a few minutes he thrusts forward fully into her now drenched pussy, she squirts a little bit. He stays still while filling her deeply. Then slowly starts pulling in and out just an inch at a time. He builds up momentum until she starts gushing all over his cock. She cums again and again wondering how this man she knew as Jim from the coffee shop knew exactly the right way to get her so wet. At this point the timer on the stove went off. Jim stops without finishing and her kneels down bringing her panties back up, unties her hands and pours her another glass of wine from a fresh bottle to enjoy while he takes up supper. She sits there in her wet panties wondering if that is the entree, what dessert will be like. She knocks on the door anticipating what lies behind as the note he left her was vague in description except what she should wear.....

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