What am I to you?  

rm_makemepurr34 45F  
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4/24/2019 5:32 pm
What am I to you?

So someone said I was a bbw. While I dont really pay attention to labels bc for real u just cant label me. So i took this pic on my Snapchat yesterday because I feel incredibly skinny and in all honesty I never have been skinny. Always a bit chunky so my skin is pretty thick when it comes to those descriptive labels.
Sooooo in your opinion am I average? Bbw? Fat? Skinny? Just be nice and respectful please with all comments.
My Snapchat pic

A wise girl knows her limits, a smart girl knows that she has none.


CrazyDriven14U 58M  
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4/25/2019 2:47 pm

A nice example of the girl next door.

Testing... Is this thing on!

rm_makemepurr34 replies on 4/25/2019 5:58 pm:
Thanks for noticing this girl next door 😘

NorthernReb57 62M

4/25/2019 2:16 pm

You are NOT a BBW. I don't like skinny women. I like a woman that is hugable, squezeable like you are. I want to know there's someone in my arms and not have to be afraid that I'm going to slap myself when I hug here.

looking4u02469 55M  
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4/25/2019 12:05 pm

I didn't vote...you are definitely not BBW nor Fat.
What ever you are comfortable with inside will show through to the outside

RugMunch2019 51M
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4/25/2019 11:55 am

You will never be everyone's cup of tea. You look fine to me, I like the fuller figured lady. So IF your happy with your body, who cares what others think

papis_baby_girl 41F  
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4/25/2019 9:33 am

I didn't vote because it really shouldn't matter to you what I or anyone thinks.

You are what you feel/think/see you are.

"The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say."
-Anais Nin

"I am big, it's the pictures that got small!"
-Norma Desmond

okidevildoc 51M  
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4/24/2019 9:10 pm

Of course you are purrfect.

rm_makemepurr34 replies on 4/24/2019 9:34 pm:
Ty babe ❤ I'm glad u think so

KyAlpha4U2 64M
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4/24/2019 8:33 pm

Sweetie, they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
You're definitely not a BBW.
On here it is just difficult to see the inner beauty.
Everything takes on a superficial glare.
I wasn't able to enlarge that pic, but from what I can tell,
I try to see your inner beauty and honey you are gorgeous.
If you feel skinny, then baby you're skinny.
What you feel inside is all that's important.
All my love to you

rm_makemepurr34 replies on 4/24/2019 8:51 pm:

2Saltie2 62F  
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4/24/2019 8:03 pm

I have filter set to no nudity so can't answer. To some people you will be one thing and other people different. Once in the NY room some man said a woman should weight 120 at the most. Wtf I thought. I was once that. Lost weight but due to stress lost more then I meant to. My face was sunken in. Collar bones showed which never did before. I could see my spine bones was looking like about to come through the skin. Was blood under the skin over one bone. No way was any of that healthy. As long as you are happy with what you are is all that matters.

Love all animals. Tolerates humans.

rm_makemepurr34 replies on 4/24/2019 8:09 pm:
I agree completely. Whatever is healthy to that person. I have never been skinny always just a lil chunky and I truly felt skinny when i took that picture yesterday. Grief and stress have been my diet.

rm_makemepurr34 45F  
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4/24/2019 7:54 pm

That is a great answer. Tyvm ☺ 😘

A wise girl knows her limits, a smart girl knows that she has none.


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4/24/2019 7:51 pm

Hard to tell from that pic, so I'll say you're just perfect

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