2 Month Milepost  

thrntnccpl 52M/50F  
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12/17/2018 10:14 am
2 Month Milepost

We have been in the LS for about two months now. We have several experiences virtually all positive. minor hiccup here and there. thought I'd just share something here, I'll try to keep this intelligible.

Observations, advice: (I imply no judgment or conclusions)
1. Seems like a higher of new people than I expected.
2. While this is harder and slower than expected and hoped for, the rewards are worth it.
3. Love the various opportunities, especially here in Denver metro - private meets, house parties, Scarlet Ranch, Mon Chalet, Organized Parties.
4. Communication is key, among ALL participants. Communicate early and often, with your spouse, with the other man, other woman.
5. The more you click, post etc. the more interest from others you get.
6. The vast majority of people I have met are much more open, honest, friendly, helpful, and of the right mindset than I expected.

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