Nice Shaved Pussies Poll.  

utfrangrl 44F  
13972 posts
1/9/2019 12:56 pm
Nice Shaved Pussies Poll.

Here is four girls from my AFF Naughty Community. posing and showing their nice shaved pussy looks. Vote for the pussy view you like the best, and feel free to comment to.
1. Connie.
2. Angie.
3. Kat.
4. Julie.

rm_1littlehose 56M
73 posts
1/9/2019 2:51 pm

But, presented to my face, I wouldn't turn any of those pretty pussies down! Thnxxx!

cockpatrol69 49M
4 posts
1/9/2019 3:12 pm

Love Julies

Fogger312 49M
14 posts
1/9/2019 4:15 pm

Any of them! I can't choose!

windsjohn 67M  
639 posts
1/9/2019 4:32 pm

Really all four for this dirty old man

mmmmtaco 38M
2 posts
1/9/2019 4:40 pm

I'd take all four

sphxdiver 68M  
20397 posts
1/9/2019 5:11 pm

All of them are Hot, but I went with Julie !!!

Pleasureinc 55M  
637 posts
1/9/2019 5:19 pm

Julie has the entire package, but each one looks nice.

k19690520 44M
613 posts
1/9/2019 6:29 pm

I love Angel.

Rkhash 22M
4 posts
1/10/2019 3:30 am


bigrlDeeAnna 47F  
129 posts
1/10/2019 7:59 am

Each girl is a real

Dtts43rt35 60M
1628 posts
1/10/2019 9:14 am

I liked Connie!

....The joys are always welcome!

rimmer4her 68M
326 posts
1/10/2019 11:30 am

connie gets my vote. it looks like her clit is th biggest and that's where I live sooooooo.....

Oldergentwantyou 68M
8 posts
1/10/2019 12:00 pm

Shaved pussy always looks great but I will have to go with number 4 first and then lick my way back to number 1

kgbuds69 30M/28F  
879 posts
1/10/2019 12:16 pm

No. 3 Kat is nice.

spokaneguy79 38M/38F
19 posts
1/10/2019 12:20 pm

id eat everyone of them!

albanybob 69M  
338 posts
1/11/2019 3:54 am

I'd love to see more of Kat's meow!

mcs4849 62M
29 posts
1/11/2019 7:17 pm

Julie definitely but Connie has a nice bulge to her pussy

Me59x 62M
22 posts
1/11/2019 8:01 pm

Julie's pussy is perfect and those

OlderManForHorny 78M
5 posts
1/12/2019 8:49 am

Julie looks so hot and sexy

1fo6977 50M
42 posts
1/12/2019 7:00 pm

They're all great! 😘

SuckMy8Plus 53M
166 posts
1/14/2019 8:24 pm

I'd like to lickk out Kat and Julie before i decide.

Azbear1969 49M  
24 posts
1/15/2019 11:05 pm

Very difficult to choose just one. They are all sexy hot.

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