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Shredding or what ?
Posted:Nov 15, 2018 11:24 am
Last Updated:Nov 15, 2018 1:31 pm

There are times when you have to shred... so when called upon I do it with style, plus in a few ways !

.. All fun but duty calls. Winter setting in has made a mess of one of my toys. The Wrangler that I built. I hate when things go wrong, reminds me of my 'Never Say What Next' blog post. A year ago this toy blew an engine, thanks to cheap made plastic radiators which busted open the top tank while going down the interstate. I have a K&N intake system on it, nice for performance but also nice for sucking in water when a radiator blows. It hydro-locked a piston and broke it, destryoing not only the piston but the block too with a piston rod slapping around until the Jeep finally coasted to a stop. I installed a junk yard engine with 170,000 miles on it to get by until I built a new engine for it. Well, new engine is done and today is install day. Pull the old engine and install new. Sounds boring huh ? Actually a challenge while having a bad colon.

I know what I would rather be doing !!!

♫ Sometimes I sit and I dream on for hours ♫
Sing Me Away ~ by Night Ranger

Remeber my unhappy rant blog about the site removing comic images ? Yesterday a few hours before the site went down, I reposted that blog and within 20 minutes the inages were removed again. LOL Oh well..While I am busy, somebody out there do something sexy to make up for my loss !! (wink)

I like the way you walk..
Posted:Nov 14, 2018 9:38 am
Last Updated:Nov 14, 2018 11:04 pm

Hump Day brought on a great chat session with an artist friend of mine. She is always a thrill to view and chat with. I how her mind works. We were deep into 3D art and the progression via computer animation... oh what a thrill, turned me onto Krita, a software for, well lets just say 'airbrush' editing with a pc on images. Can't wait to mess with it to make images like I posted below To me it is wonderful !
Have a great tickle of the fun experience today !!

♫ Well, say that you'll be mine ♫
Suzie Q ~ by Creedence Clear Water Revival

Passing notes
Posted:Nov 13, 2018 2:34 pm
Last Updated:Nov 14, 2018 2:24 pm

♫ Train roll on, on down the line ♫
Tuesday's Gone ~ by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Have a great evening everyone tomorrow is day !!

Note : I unblocked everyone 'cept one person... start fresh

Never ask "What next ?"
Posted:Nov 13, 2018 7:29 am
Last Updated:Nov 13, 2018 3:23 pm

Woke up at around 3AM and falling back asleep wasn't going to happen. "I'll go camp out in the living room", I think to myself. Grabbed a thick comforter from the hall closet and did my best Linus from Peanuts impersonation down the hall. Bare footed across the slate rock floor of the entry to get to the living room I noticed it was extremely cold. Hmmm walked over and checked my climate control. 6 degrees outside and 73 in the house. Wondering if a 2 inch broken spot in morter at the base of the doorway was letting cold air in making the rock floor so cold ? Whatever, I am not worrying about that right now, as I felt our cat brush up against my bare legs. "You prowling the house ?" I mumbled to her getting a "meww" response. Here I am talking to a cat at 3 AM.. I am losing it, I think to myself as I finally makie it to the couch. Oh great the digital antenna signal is all busted up and the TV screen is all pixelated. Right about then I miss my satellite dish that we cut the coard on after paying that piper for 20 years. Not in the mood to adjust the digital antena direction, I plopped my weary butt on the couch, switched the big screen source to HDMI and put on a movie. "Mewww" I hear as I get a face full of cat. "Why are you all lovey-dovey.... oh I know...". She is a shelter cat, we adopted her when she was 6 months old. While at the shelter she was fed in the morning when they opened again and at night before they closed. She is a pest to this day if not fed on that schedule. Food still in her dish or not, she lets you know you need to add some. I never added any last night and she was being finiky. Deamanding type finiky. Once again walked over across the cold rock floor to the pantry to get her some 'num' and filled her dish. Ahhhhh finally, she is going to leave me alone I think to myself as I hide under the comforter and fell asleep while watching a movie from the living room pc, on the big screen.
5 AM.. maybe a little after I wake up, my body says I gotta go and with bad internals from fighting that cancer, when the body says you gotta go, you rush to the bathroom. I have another laptop in the master bathroom (for those days I can't go downstairs to the jacuzzi room and do hot soaks in the bathtub to lessen the internal pain. "Oh no... what's going on with this thing ? "web page unavailable" message when I try to access the internet. Went over to my Netgear Nighthawk router and checked if there was connection lights, wait, I think to myself, I have internet because I am watching a movie off of the net in the living room.... hmmmm. Checked the desktop in the pc room and all is working fine there. Grabbed the laptop out of the bathroom and moved it to the computer room to work on it. "Maybe if I just reboot it" I mumbled as I shut it down to do a restart. "What next ?". Restarted the pc, low and behold, no desktop icons and.. nothing in my taskbar. "What the... wonder what I messed up while messing with coding last night. That should have nothing to do with this though..". I hear the patio doors slide open as the wife lets our Boxer outside. "Wow after 7 AM already ??" I realize. "maybe if I do a restore". The thoughts roll through my head as I dig into Windows 8.1 to access the hidden restore function.
"Your truck won't start" I hear as she walks into the room. "I need to get going" She says. Always them 'my truck', 'my cat', 'my dog' whenever something goes wrong, until then they all are 'hers'. LOL. I shouldn't laugh, I need to check out this truck. No other vehicles are near the front property, other than my tow truck. The tow truck still has summer fuel in it and it's 6 degrees out, none of the fuel heaters have been plugged in overnight.... I let out a little prayer as I grabbed a 50 foot extension chord and 200 amp battery charger/booster and rolled it out and across the snow to the disabled truck. Whenever I can, I buy car batteries with top and side posts for this reason, ease of jump starting and this is of coarse North Dakota. It gets -40 and - 50 degrees often. Vehicles do need jumpstarts on occasion, the extra battery posts come in handy for this. Anyway, I connected the battery charger to the top posts and the meter reads that it is charged. At this point, I am cold and I let out a "What the fuck ?", thinking the worst and that a starter had maybe went out. I reached to the negative battery cable and wiggled it and as I reached over to the posative I think to myself "wait a minute, did that move a little ?". Sure enough the negative battery cable had lost connection. Quick trip into the shop to grab a 5/16" rathet end wrench from my tool chest, scooby doo across the snow to the truck, tighten the cable to the battery and wolla !! Reach into the truck, turn the key and vrooooom..... wooohooooo !!!! Packed everything back up and moved it into the garage... "Your truck is warming up" I hollered as I slipped back into the computer room.
"Something needs to go right today" I mumbled as I see the laptop had finished it's restore. Started it up, neat, I do have desktop and taskbar back. No internet. Hmmmm... thinking... thinking.... Maybe..... My anti-virus needed to update once and had caused issues like this before. Could I actually catch a break ? Opened it up and YESSSSS update needed, apps may need to be closed... GO FOR THE GOLD !! I thought as I allowed the app shutdown. 15 munites later, I am soooo innnnn. FINALLY
"Please creator of the universe, no more 'WHAT'S NEXT' for me today ! It isn't Monday BTW that was yesterday !"

I need some music !!

Hope your day is going wayyyy better !!!

♫ I love that woman she's the best one that I had ♫
Whiskey Drinkin Woman ~ by Nazareth

My Spoon Is Too Big
Posted:Nov 12, 2018 8:00 am
Last Updated:Nov 13, 2018 9:04 am
Happy Monday to you !!

First off, no kissy-face kissy-face for me.... Dead center on my bottom lip, well maybe a little over to the right, I got a cold sore. You know how those suck ! It's almost like that it can talk " HEY, I'm still here !! " every time it's slightly bumped. Speaking of bumping, why is my tongue always licking it ?? I must look like a dog taking the afternoon off to lick it's paws on the porch, geeeez

Soooo this cowboy ain't gettin none

On the brighter side, my spoon is too big... you guessed it, Head on over to YouTube and search for 'My Spoon is too big', now I am confuzed if I am a banana or if my spoon is too big. LOL

Well, if you never found the humor in that one after watching it on YouTube, look for 'Billy's Balloon' over there. Now that is more like how the idiots on here that spam women with weird shit are, but in a more humorous way.
Poor Billy !!

Sooooo in the mean while I will keep jamming ♫

Just remember,

♫ Hoping you get into me ♫ ♫
So into You ~ by Atlantic Rhythm Section

Have an awesome day !

Gimme a break
Posted:Nov 11, 2018 9:11 am
Last Updated:Nov 12, 2018 8:48 am
Let me get this straight..... I can recieve messages like this spam all day long and it is ok with this joint

Other site users that I read of constantly get abused and harrassed BIG TIME but the senders of those messages don't get anything done to them even if reported.... the reports are ignored so I hear.

...but I post a blog with cartoons and it gets removed after 20 minutes ??

Excuse my french but this is fucked up

Catch you around the block. After getting modded for a simple cartoon post, I believe that I am about due for a break from this joint after that one... they boot my shit for making people laugh (sigh)

Gifs and vids not loading
Posted:Nov 10, 2018 5:00 pm
Last Updated:Nov 11, 2018 9:04 pm

I do need to ask, is everyone having issues on this site with displaying gifs and vids ?
I mean once you upload them yourself and then view them on the site.
I am even having issues with simple uploaded gifs for bling not showing proper too
Acts like transparency issue or the site doesn't recognize hexidecimal colors or what ??
Seems there is no gifs that I can upload lately that doesnt have issues displaying once loaded

anyone have the answer, like a site to upload them to then copy and past here so they will show up correctly ?
Annoying already

Front underwear slot
Posted:Nov 10, 2018 2:53 am
Last Updated:Nov 11, 2018 1:38 pm
Front underwear slot for men, I ask why they make the opening. Does anyone really use it ? So much quiker to open the britches, shove the waist band down and whip out the willy.... less hassle of not getting it tucked back in all the way, I say.
Maybe they put it there so dipshits can tell where the front is when slipping them on

Not into twisting reality to write a story today
Good bad or ugly, lets read some pictures

Happy Weekend

♫ I've been made blue, I've been lied to ♫ ~ Just a Linda Ronstadt lyric

One more April Wine lyric and I will give that band a rest

♫ I don't want to say it's right, but if that's where you want to be ♫
Crash and Burn ~ April Wine

No where did I put that new batch of grip picks.....

Camera Roll
Posted:Nov 9, 2018 7:56 am
Last Updated:Nov 12, 2018 10:20 am

Yesterday afternoon (knock, knock, knock) went my cell phone. I avoided it for a while because I was making a blog post. Besides, I hate cell phones. Flipped the phone case cover open and read the text. "catch me on *** ". Happened to have my XSplit set up as the camera over there so I opened it up. The free version of XSplit takes a little bit to startup, meanwhile I went upstairs to the computer room and grabbed my good camera. All up and going we connected.
Her: "Hi how you been and what were you doing ?".
Me: "You know me.." "I see what you are doing, you know I miss those nipples".
Her: "You make them this way" As she pinched one pulling it upwards while lifting a breast. "What were you doing".
Me: " Just a minute.." I mumbled as I grabbed my mouse, captured the movie and put it up on XSplit, raised my camera in the menu so it was on top of the movie broadcast and resized it to the corner of the screen.
Her: "Make it bigger please"
Me: You know what remark I could come back with (giggle) But I know you mean the cam image size".
That movie ended while we were catching up on times and while doing a little teasing.
I searched for a different movie that I hadn't watched for a while as she kept my halo tilted. Never a dull moment with her.

The movie which I found to put up was made in around 2005 and is called Sahara

It starts off kind of misleading, like an war movie but within a few minutes some ass kicking music begins to play and advancing the time frame forward to current days. Here is the music playlist for the movie


I was watching it on Hulu, don't know if it is available for free viewing on a source like Openload etc... probably is listed as a server on another free movie site, who knows, I just trust Hulu this time around. Awesome movie, I love the last couple of lines with them laying in the sand on the beach he looks at her and says "Did I ever tell you that..." (you will have to watch the movie to see what happens next)

Sooooo, it's off to the jacuzzi for theropy and rid the morning pain, for me. Unfortunately I never signed out of my messenger after playing with my friend yesterday so I have been getting drilled with messages that I haven't answered last evening and this morning. Looking like my day is set, but I will still find a movie to watch in the background while chatting with friends.

Have a fun Friday !!

♫ Can't you see that you're my girl ♫
Enough Is Enough ~ by April Wine

I Love Some Cameltoe
Posted:Nov 8, 2018 11:48 am
Last Updated:Nov 9, 2018 2:19 pm

Since Pocogato12 liked the cameltoe yesterday, I couldn't get it off my mind. Ummm I mean the other cameltoe, the bigger one... so here it is (giggle)
I know what you were thinkin ~ And sooo during today's site journey I happened to look back on the calender to find what nobody had told me....hmmmm the old posts that I had deleted were still there. You want to know what is a pain in the ass ? Well maybe back door entry too but, unhiding all the old blog posts. I know, I know, I read sarcastic comments after I had removed a lot of them where someone had said "... I have seen enough cartoon sex for 6 months anyway". Guees what ? They are back on my blog. Honestly there isn't enough of them to complain about. Most of the things I re-added are just memes but there is some witt and humor there. Some nudies I was spammin while learning blogging, and even one picture of my butt (chuckle). Anyway I made it back to undeleting posts through mid February and it took wayyyyy longer than I thought it would and still not done. Have a second monitor connected to my laptop today watching the movie 'Security' on Netflix.. good movie for sure. Odd but haven't been perving or really chatting anywhere.....

So here it is a BIG dose of cameltoe for you !!

♫ tell her I love her.. tell her I care ♫
If You See Kay ~ by April Wine

Dreams Guitars Music and Brownies
Posted:Nov 7, 2018 10:08 am
Last Updated:Nov 9, 2018 5:26 am
Trying to forget...

Slipped into the first six Van Halen albums (mode lol) for a change of pace, maybe to take me back to better days, who knows. I admire the days well spent back then. The thought of listening to them just tickled memories over the years. Fiddle in hand and running through some blues scales as finger warmers for the day. My mind drifted to a dream yesterday as my hand automatically climbed the scale back and forth on the guitar neck simply remembering the note positions as it were natural for them. Slowly rocking my head back and forth to some miscellanious melody that settled into my feeling, right in key to yesterday's dream. Repeating it over and over, a small piece of wood on a shelf caught my eye while swaying my head back and forth, as my fingers scattered a riff down into the 15th and 17th frets. Silence muffed the strings. Flipped the amps power switch to kill any over tones or feedback. The wood had me thinking. Love this fiddle, by far my favorite except it has an unwarranted buzz at the 9th fret at times. The custom pearl inlays on the rosewood neck and all the electronic work I had done to the pots to suit it's sound to my liking kept me from turning the guitar in for warranty. Odd that I never seen the low section of the 9th while purchasing. I had checked it over thoroughly, for the price that I needed to dish out for it. Possible it wasn't set right during manufacture and settled after being broke in. The piece of wood that I seen had been a tool which I built. 1/2" square piece and about 7 inches long. Rat tail file groove lengthwise at a slight tapered angle with emery glued into the groove. I use it to file fret ends to my favorite feel. It doesnt harm the rosewood fretboard while filing. "I am going to file the 8th and 10th frets a little to see if it will make the 9th fret buzz go away".

While removing the strings ♫ We was broke and hungry on a summer day ♫ of Van halen's D.O.A rattled my little bluetooth speaker and my mind drifted back to yesterday. After all these years of constant internal pain, it blocks a lot of it out naturally. Every now and then there is a shift which leads to sharp pain. I had laid down on the couch. It eases the pain. Brought up "Swordfish" on Netflix. Quietly fell asleep. Left the pain of reality behind and slipped into a dream but it was all coding, almost like reading Egyption hieroglyphics... "Man I need to step out of this dream" I thought to myself" I have been here so many times". A simple traverse later, I was in a dimly lit room. The dresser to the left looked upper class antique. The bedding's fringes seemed to match the dresser era. Wait.. there is a woman on the bed. Her shapely thighs meeting the panty lines and the firmly rounded womanly pleasures hidden beneath had me captivated. "This really really looks like a good snuggle" were my thoughts as I was drawn toward the bed. Looking down I noticed my body was dark like a shadow, as I unbuttoned the shirt while advancing over to the bed. " I get it" Thinking to myself, "I know this woman. I stepped into her dream. She is dreaming of me but doesn't know what I look like. One of the readers somewhere". As I was stripped and walking on all fours across the bed towards her warmth. Slightly dragging my lips across her panty curve, belly button and letting my longer hair tickle her nipples lightly as I teased her cleavage...... "HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!" I hear as my eyes crested a slight light of reality, in half awake shock.

"Who the f**K" I muttered in my mind as I heard a night club music beat in the background. Opened my eyes to see a night club scene on my big screen of the movie. The sound bar enhanced the bass accent very well "Someone is here" half awake I mumbled to myself "Sweet the pain is gone". Slipped off the couch and headed to the kitchen bar where there was a thick rich and soft brownie with near runny chocolate waiting my taste buds. "Mmmm just what I needed.." as I looked up and seen my partner.

I still call her my partner, sharing life for nearly 25 years with the agreement "You have any affairs, don't let me know about them and dont drag any diseases home". It seemed to work for us and we shared life together. One of the financial advisors had mentioned once while I was finishing setting up another business "You would really get a better tax break if you were married" While the judge issued the business license, we had her marry us.

"It's Nor's birthday", she said to me as I walked past the partner while she was on the phone. "Thanks for waking me up...." I mumbled. Tell her I got brownies, neener-neener". "You tell her" as she handed me the cell phone. "I got brownies, neener-neener" To where I hear a giggle. "Happy Birthday hun... you 21 yet so we can hit the nightclubs ?" "More than 3 times 21" She laughed. "79 so I have 21 experience.." I laughed and mentioned "I have thick brownie frosting dripping off me, you want a lick ??" And the conversation went on for another half hour. We have teased each other since the late 80's. Simply how we get along.

Soooooo where was I now ? Oh yes, six Van Halen albums, filing frets and thinking about an interrupted dream walk.
I may just peek at some half naked Wednesday... hmmmm I need to charge my hematite crystal with sound vibes too .... weeeeee

Enjoy and watch your dreams, you never know who is walking through them !!

♫ Seems like loving you is just a crazy dream ♫
Women In Love ~ Van Halen

Do You Know ?
Posted:Nov 6, 2018 7:06 am
Last Updated:Nov 7, 2018 7:55 am

♫ Save my life I am going down for the last time ♫
Never Been Any Reason ~ by Head East


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